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I am trying to distribute 270 points on a sphere with as regular a spacing between each as possible.

I am trying to get a more regular spacing than a geodesic will give, but am not an expert with Kangaroo, is there an easy way of doing this using forces??

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. 


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Here's a simple way to do it.

It attaches all points to a central anchor point with a spring of length r, where r is the radius of the sphere (Alternatively you can use PullToMesh here, which would allow you to distribute points on surfaces other than spheres, but with springs is slightly faster).

Then it uses SphereCollide to push all particles away from each other when they get closer than a certain distance. It uses the Proximity3d component to get an estimate for a good starting distance here.

To run the simulation just double click on the Kangaroo component to bring up the remote control.


Hello Daniel, thanks for this!

Very much appreciated, works perfectly. 


Hi Daniel,

I can't get the points to align and remain equidistant.  I've plugged in some of my own sliders to drive the sphere diameter and also to drive the smaller sphere diameters in order to stop them falling below the surface of the overall sphere...  Is there a way to constrain the centre of the smaller spheres to remain on the surface of the larger overall sphere?

I'm basically trying to divide the sphere by a set number of points so that I can create a number of poles/rods perpendicular to the surface, spaced equidistantly.

Kind of going round and round in circles with my lack of Grasshopper knowledge, trying to learn on the job which I find is the best way!

Thanks for any help in advance.

Can we get an updated script for this routine for Kangaroo 2.0 or above?

I can't get this gh to run says "unrecognized objects"


Try this one 


Sorry I'm newbie with grasshopper and i found this post because i've to put some small spheres on a great one... Using the .gh file found here i'm not able to allocate the points on the main sphere with an equal distance. The image is the result that i obtain...with a random distribution. My ignorance don't let me understand where is the mistake. Maybe i should have to start from easier projects....

I'm coming late to this thread, but if you go to and search for 270 you will find a couple of solids that have 270 edges.  Putting a point at the middle of each edge would perhaps suit your purpose?

270 does not divide exactly by 12 or 20, so you are going to have trouble getting a solid with 270 vertexes!


I installed kangaroo 1 and the .gh Daniel put together works really well.  It's not prefect but it's pretty damn close :)

I'm a little late on the thread also, I hope this discussion is the right on to post this question.
I'm trying to map a surface with points and have them at an equal distance with kangaroo, so far no problem.
Yet I'd like to insert anchor points that will not move but will be considered in the repartition.
How can I proceed?

On this example you can see the points equaly reparted with my three anchor points...






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