algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello, dear guys!

Last time I've been trying to make a skin of Dragon Pavilion. After much time of struggling I've come to decision to start making model based on Diamond Panels (Lunch box) and to develop it till the necessary result. But I'm still a bit familiar with list items and understanding how to analyze and disassemble points on surface as I want.

I've made this flat surface, offset it now and get intersections for creating the similar squama. Now I want to curve somehow (to descend two of rhombus points) or assign more points to these diamonds to continue to work and develop them. But I'm totally stuck here... 

I'll be very glad to be helped and to hear advices, maybe I chose wrong way to do a such skin and diamond panels don't work here...

Thank you in advance for your answers!

There's Rhino file with curves and modeled element, how it should look like. Before it I was trying to make the skin using bounding box, but squama should be adapted according to skin curvature, so it doesn't work. And Grasshopper file with new try.

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