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Hi Everyone,

Here's a tool I've been working on for the past 4 months or so in my free time. It's a dog bone corner generator, however it's a little different to some of the existing ones. It's designed to be used for large amounts of geometry and as such, it avoids using any curve boolean operations that are computationally taxing. You don't have to split your curves up into internal and external lots either, it works it all out so you can be lazy. I've also incorporated Lunch Box's Object Bake Component for a one click operation that bakes geometry back out to Internal and External profile layers.

Let me know how it goes, will update where necessary.



Change Log

29/09/17 - Version 1.3 - Now with smooth corners option, True for smooth default/False for original

18/05/17 - Version 1.2 - Now includes variable angle domain input (defaults at 90°) for angled corners

13/11/16 - slight change to enable acceptance of very large interior curves

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You know this isn't a dog bone?

Hello Darcy,

Thank you very much for sharing it. I am trying to make it work, but it does not. Am I doing anything wrong? 




Hey Roberto, did you manage to get it to work?


What units and tolerances are you using Tom?

Hi Roberto, it could be a mixture of the units you're working in and your Rhino's Absolute tolerance settings. I'll have a look at making the tool more compatible with non-metric unit systems and different tolerances.


Very interesting plugin!

I'm trying to make a "waffle" structure, but the component loose some curves..

It looks it's in the way it sorts the curves for internal/external curves?


for waffle projects it might be preferable to just extend the slots by the radius of the cutter used to cut the panels as this is not seen when the panels are assembled.

The Bowerbird plugin has this feature.

Try attached script.

Heya great work.  I have found it works on 90 degree corners sweet but not on less than 90 or more than 90, is that correct?  Cheers 

Hi Darcy, 

Great work! Thanks for sharing it.

I ran into some issues so I made a few tweaks to my preference. 

Changes include:

1. Uses inside offset to dispatch curves. More consistent for complex geometry such as waffle curves. 

2. Adds through opening to sharp corners. This makes circles at sharp corners reachable by tool path. 

3. Merges overlapping circles. Keeps the curve clean at narrow openings. 

4. Takes independent fillet radius. 

5. Accepts 0 as minimum angle. 

Download links (attachment didn't work):

Sample file:

User object: 









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