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Hi guys,

How can i divide surface like picture?

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David Rutten

It's do-able and fairly easy for patches with 4 corners, but patches with fewer or more corners need additional logic. Basically if there's more than 4 corners you need to decide which ones should be ignored and for patches with 3 corners you need to decide how to extend the surface and make it 4-cornered.

Do you have an algorithm written or drawn somewhere that unambiguously makes these decisions?


David Rutten

I attached a file with a VB script which iteratively merges adjacent brep edges that have the lowest angle between them until only 4 edges are left. It then creates a nurbssurface from these 4 edges which can be divided.

It doesn't work on triangular patches, that requires a totally different approach.


David Rutten


Wow, Very Tnx David for your reply.

First i'm sorry that i cant write English well. ;D

For answer your question , yes, i write definition in GH. Because i'm not pro in GH , my definition is too Long and Complex.


reminds me of an intermediate step during a reserach project from 2009

Wow, this is awesome. how can i create form like this...??






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