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What's the most efficient way to divide a curve by length from the midpoint out? And to make it even more fun, how would I do the same but with the segments centered?

Context: I'd like to write a definition to create panelized railings (think glass railings) along a curve. Panels are best manufactured at equal lengths, so I'd array a 1m panel, then have whatever is left over be a unique panel. There are many conditions that I might want to try:

1. Standard size from start, left-over size at end.

2. Standard size from end, left-over size at start.

3. Edge of standard size from midpoint, equal left-over size at start and end.

4. Center of standard size from midpoint, equal left-over size at start and end.

I'd like to switch between these 4 cases along with adjusting the length of the standard size panel to find the best solution.

So I could also ask if anybody knows of a preexisting solution that's already out there, too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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wow it is "formidable"


could you help me applying your formula to a curve that its on another formula?

i archieve the gh with the curves that are connected to your script. 

Thank you so much!!


Hi Damon, i saw your definition for the balustrades. I had a similar problem for bridge spans.

However in your def what geometry are you capturing in the baluster single BREP ?. it has me puzzled. Saying that i get puzzled more often than I would like.



Hi Kenyon. I don't have the definition in from of me right now, and it's been awhile since I used that def, but my recollection is that I modeled a baluster as a single, closed BREP and simply referenced it in. For the def I uploaded, I probably set the BREP and then right-clicked>Internalise Data. Is that what you were wondering?

Hi Damon, many thanks for responding. I  was puzzled with your the brep, I generated a 65SHS from a rect,cent,corner at 0,0,0 (1400 high).  Oh, I also put in a random control point curve 30metres in length or so. What i didn't get was the lunchbox bake toggle.

All good now.

My def for the bridge spans is for a TL5 concrete texas HT vehicle barrier. There is a nasty U bracket that attaches the rail to the conrete base, I'll post when complete.

regards & thanks


Mari, you still interested in an answer to your question? I haven't paid attention to this forum in a long time, but I'm back if you are interested.






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