algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone.

I'm quite a beginner in grasshopper and i have a problem

I would like to be able to create or define a finite set of modular facade elements (even in rhino) and then spread them out randomly across the facade of a building (across an isotrimmed surface basically)

The result might be something like this:

Of course every single one of the elements would be designed to fit with the next one to form a composition. Right now what's important to me is how do i distribute the pre-designed elements on the surface??

Thank you for your help

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1. Divide surface into quads because it is glass panels subdivision in this building.

2. then draw some tiles manually let say 4-5 tile-able ones.

3. Use box morph to apply them to quads subdivision.

For sure somebody will make a definition for you.

But I believe that this building facade pattern was drafted manually in 15 minutes.

Because project manager did no have time to play with grasshopper...

1. Learn Panelling Tools

2. Success

Its really rather easy and you can do that without even opening Grasshopper. There are some good tutorials on vimeo for it and what you are describing is a classic use case for it. Especially if you havent done much in Grasshopper, its definitely the quicker route to success.






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