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Wondering if there's a method where one can plug in a bunch of curves, and you can seperate the straight and curved lines like a dispatch.   



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[Curvature], [Create Set] and [Member Index] could get you the results.


Hi guys, I just came across this and tried to apply it to a set of lines I want to distinguish curved from straight.

For some reason if I attach curve components to the dispatch A and B outputs, it says "Data Conversion failed from Text to Curve"

I can't find any other discussions that resolve this issue in this context - shouldn't I just be able to output curves from A and B?

Once data goes into a panel, it becomes text. You should connect to your original curve instead.

Thanks David, how would that work in the above context - once the curvature component is used?

You can certainly convert the curves to text, then check to see if the text contains the words "Line" or "Linear". Since they have the substring "Lin" in common, you can compare against that and use Sift to separate out the linear from the non linear curves:




I like the both ways. Dannys version I use always to get different members (more than 2) in sepreted branches. My way I use to filter one type out of many.

I made sure that there was no distinguishable features in the category of referenced line with this method. So the input is all Referenced Planar Curves

Danny, Deda,

Thank you for taking your time.

The solutions are very smart.








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