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Hi all,

I m trying to do differential growing curves and couldn't come up with any ideas  to get started.Any strategies will be helpful .


                                                                                             Thank u 

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I'm not convinced that my computer can handle this geometry. I have a lowly Core 2 Quad with 4 cores, 8gb ram, Geforce GTX 760 video card with 4gb ram
1. CPU usage figures show each core working at less than 40% on average.
2. 8gb usage is steady at 28%
3. I've been now looking at 2 blank white screen, in both Rhino and Grasshopper for well over 20 min. finally I went for a walk at 10:25am, (its a beautiful day why waste it looking at nonexistent calculations, It would help if there was a timing function in the code that would let me know how long the calculations were going to take, came back 11:25am still no results. Had to Quit Rhino in the Start manager.

I have used all sorts of window programs for well over 25 years. Rhino and Grasshopper are the only 2 programs that I have ever seen that show totally white screens in their operating windows :(

Yes, it would be nice if there were a timing function that showed when a calculation would end - however, this runs into one of the fundamental problems in computer science:

I think in this case it would already help if a.) the GUI would be decoupled from the calculation so that you can continue to work, stop the calculation and overall wouldn't get the impression that GH could have crashed and b.) if GH would show some hints on what its doing, like some other node based tools do, like Fusion showing which node is currently active. If a calculation is going through 50 values it could show how many of them are done already etc.

ATM, one click on a slider in GH may keep you locked out of the system for a long time, even before you are able to actually set the value you want, since it does continuous updates.
Only way out is to kill the task...

Another Idea! I'm not familiar enough with GH to construct such a timer. However I have used such a timer in several Ruby scripts.The task is to identify which variable/s running are taking the most calculation time before geometry is displayed. In Ruby this timer was a simple on screen single line dialog box which contained spaces for 15 dots, which lit up successively as a visual reference to let the user know how long the calculation was going to take along with the estimated time in sec. Is it possible to make such a timing comp. for GH ?

Works better if I leave the pipe creation comp. disconnected until needed, thanks again DP :)I was wondering if adding 3 or 4 noodles instead 1 is possible?

Alternatively use 1 noodle with additional stop and continue intervals.


How did you do that Daniel, are you willing to share the gh file ? I refer to the rabbit with the increased skin surface

Would you mind provided the file for this if you can dig it up? I'm curious how you cause the mesh to grow in surface area. I assume you're pulling points toward the original mesh in order to keep in contained.


Hi Daniel,

For some reason my lines are crossing and the overal effect is somewhat different.

How come? How do you get the pipe?

Cheers! Frank

My personal favorite (with 1D reaction diffusion): . In a similar spirit:

If you are looking for control over the growth of your curve, I suggest going quite dumb, an another way around.

In this example, the growth appears at a stochastic point on the curve, defined by a random point on the plane pulling the curve. In a second step you modify the lengh of the curve accordingly.
So on top of the dual Tension (how much does it pull) and Elasticity (how much the curve lenghens) parameters of the growth, you can also control the density of these random points( here I have a hundred stages superimposed for graphic reasons )

Background of your mysterious curve image I found that has it as an animated GIF:

It actually makes a lot more sense, thank you for pointing it out ;)






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