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Hello Everyone ,

i am new here and need some advice / help with part of a project since  I am new to Grasshopper.

I need to generate a parametric design of a lattice structure  in grasshopper that looks like the design in the following images: 

Concept Images:



Shape Routine:


Diagrid Routine:

Example and Inspiration:


The goal is to create a grasshopper routine that recreates a modifiable design concept as shown in the concept images. The following parameters should be modifiable

1) The size and elevation of all the basic triangles, circles and the ellipse.

2) The elevation and shape of  the opening  and the shape and size of  the three legs.

3) The shape of the  crown. The angle of the tilted ellipse.

4) The loft shape between the edges.

5) The grid size (U,V) of the diagrid.

6) The size of the 2 pipes used for the structure.


Rhino Grasshopper Workflow:


I attempted Boolean difference of a solid (Brep) and the surface in question to create the opening in the surface as shown above  but that did not work.  What should i do to recreate the concept in grasshopper ?   I would appreciate any feedback and advice. Thank you very much !

-Christoph AKA Stoph



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