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Hello everybody,

is it possible (without scripting) to divide a surface by a diagonal grid, and use the rhomboid cells as target box in a morphing? Unfortunately the Surface Box component divides surfaces only in UV directions...

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I hoped it would use fewer components, but this sloppy version works. If you wanted to change the grid size, you would have to figure out the math to get the series inputs to be right (see panels on left side), but that should be simple.

The question is, what do you do with the half rhombi on the edges?

hi Chris,

tomorrow I'll try your algorithm. The empty spaces on the edges are not a problem for the 3Dmodel I'm working on.

Thank you so much for your answer,

just fyi, another diagrid creation method can be found in the GH primer, but you've probably already seen that one...and part of a method I posted also included a different diagrid creation approach:
I had seen that one, but we needed the four lists of corners to get the twisted boxes. Nonetheless, I'll bet someone could do a simpler version than what I did. It is very appealing to me when the solution is very simple.
Hi Chris, your definition works and I think it's not so complex. Actually it's so hard to create a diagrid algorithm without scripting.

-answer to BW,P?

yes, I know the diagrid creation metod explained in Gh Primer. Now I'm reading your post about lexical operations: excellent!
hi chris,
i tried your definition and it looks it s gonna work but since i m new to grasshopper i couldnt understand those steps and what those numbers corresponds to. could you please explain a little bit so that i can play with the numbers knowing what i m doing?
I just ran across a tutorial of a diagrid at the following link. A little different style than Chris's.

It walks you through how to do it.
Good Luck

hi Stan,

thank you for your link...interesting approach.

Check the following discussion, it has a diagird definition as well:







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