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How do I dispatch a delaunay triangle?

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Hi Kayleigh,


Would you elaborate a little please. My first answer to this was DHL :)

Hi Danny,

I was referring to dispatching a list, i.e separating it according to a boolean pattern. I am just looking in to all the ways this could be done.


one way :)


If I was to apply the delaunay triangulation theory to an existing patten (attached) through Grasshoppper do I need to inset points at the corners on the pattern and start from there?




Hi Kayleigh, 

It doesn't look like you have triangles on the images.

Try finding the mid points of the cells (Brep Area component).

Then apply the "voronoi" component to the points.



Hi Arthur,


Thank you.


I managed to follow your definition once I had triangles, though whenI get to the mesh at the end it notes 'no values in herited from source 1'. I am continuing to play around with grasshopper but if you have any ideas that would be great.


Thanks for the video link it was great.


Hi Kayleigh,


Sorry but I am not sure I understand what you are doing...

A voronoi pattern generates polygons using your points as center:

A Delaunay generates triangles between points depending on their proximity:

In your pattern images, you have polygons, not triangles which is why I recommended using voronoi. 


Since you drew already your pattern, maybe you can make sure all the cells are closed polylines and then find their centre before applying the voronoi component?


Hope this makes sense?






How can I create delaunay triangulation between points that they are in a surface? (It is not a plane)

From your image, it looks like there are no 0's from your condition i.e. every mesh area is greater than 546.875.

Hi Arthur,


Thank you for the break down of Delaunay and Voronoi. What I was trying to do was take the pattern of my mud studies and apply delaunay where no point is inside the circumcircle of another triangle. Then develop this into 3D form like last Monday's tutorial before testign it in ecotect. I think though I may not be able to do this.

Hi Arthur,


I have attached an image of the Rhino file showing the circumcircles. What I have been trying to do is apply delaunay so that I can develop it into a 3D form that could react to the sun, etc.. . The image shows one 'territory' of a cracked surface but there would be more 'territories' using the outlines of the cracked surface.


Thank you,




Could you please let me know what is the name of the highlighted component and

where I can find it?







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