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I created a small vb node (as a user object) that converts degrees to radians. 

I hope you will find it as useful as I do. 



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Hi Monique,


Thank you for sharing. Also be aware that there is a function that you can use in the expressions that allows you to do this as well. rad() will convert degrees to radians and deg() will convert radians to degrees.

Below I've shown the example using the Fx component but it can be put into any input's expression where you might want to have degrees as the input but GH needs radians.

Thanks for the reply. I was aware of numerous ways of converting degrees to radians. I  just wanted to provide a shorter-shortcut. ;)

You can even use the degree symbol to convert a number from degrees to radians. So:








I find it more readable that way.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


Hi David, how can I do this in a component? When I press Alt (to type Alt+0176) the dialog closes. Is there another way to enter it? Thanks.

Darn, I forgot to add the level-1 expression parsing to those input boxes when I rewrote the system a few months ago. You're supposed to be able to use placeholder codes for weird characters like the degree symbol or the pi symbol, but they don't work. I'm fixing it now.


Here's the total list of placeholders and what they convert into:



code.Replace("**", "┴")      

code.Replace("<cross>", "┴")      

code.Replace("<crossproduct>", "┴")      

code.Replace("<outer>", "┴")

code.Replace("<d>", "°")      

code.Replace("<deg>", "°")      

code.Replace("<degrees>", "°")

code.Replace("<2>", "²")      

code.Replace("<square>", "²")      

code.Replace("<3>", "³")      

code.Replace("<cube>", "³")

code.Replace("<project>", "↓")      

code.Replace("<pull>", "↓")      

code.Replace("<push>", "↑")    

code.Replace("<dist>", "↔")      

code.Replace("<distance>", "↔")

code.Replace("!=", "≠")      

code.Replace("<>", "≠")      

code.Replace("<=", "≤")      

code.Replace("=<", "≤")      

code.Replace(">=", "≥")      

code.Replace("=>", "≥")

code.Replace("<almost>", "≈")      

code.Replace("<almostequal>", "≈")      

code.Replace("<approx>", "≈", )      

code.Replace("<approximately>", "≈")      

code.Replace("<similar>", "≈")      

code.Replace("~", "≈")


code.Replace("<sum>", "∑")      

code.Replace("<sumtotal>", "∑")      

code.Replace("<summate>", "∑")

code.Replace("<prod>", "∏")      

code.Replace("<product>", "∏")

code.Replace("<average>", "Ā")      

code.Replace("<mean>", "Ā")

code.Replace("<hmean>", "Ū")      

code.Replace("<harmonic>", "Ū")      

code.Replace("<harmonicmean>", "Ū")

code.Replace("<gmean>", "Ġ")      

code.Replace("<geometric>", "Ġ")      

code.Replace("<geometricmean>", "Ġ")


code.Replace("<pi>", "π")      

code.Replace("<phi>", "φ")      

code.Replace("<inf>", "∞")      

code.Replace("<infinity>", "∞")

code.Replace("<1/2>", "½")      

code.Replace("<0.5>", "½")      

code.Replace("<half>", "½")

code.Replace("<1/4>", "¼")      

code.Replace("<0.25>", "¼")      

code.Replace("<quarter>", "¼")

code.Replace("<3/4>", "¾")      

code.Replace("<0.75>", "¾")      

code.Replace("<threequarters>", "¾")

code.Replace("<1/3>", "⅓")      

code.Replace("<third>", "⅓")

code.Replace("<2/3>", "⅔")      

code.Replace("<twothirds>", "⅔")


So you should be able to write:





David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Ok, thanks!






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