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Hi all,

I am trying to do the following: I have a constructed my voronoi and I want to trasfrom them-- specifically I want to stretch or compress them according to specific points. (see images) So, I got the voronoi breps and their points , I dispatched them into two groups( the ones moving and the non-moving) , then I joined them back together but I can't reconstruct the faces of the voronoi correctly. even though it seems that the points have maintained their order. check out the before-and-after images, definition and file.

I can't figure it out, plz help !!


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and btw -- you saw how my definitions look like...don't tell me this is not clean !!! :P

Ok, compared to yours you can say that it is slightly better organized. But still, it isn't perfectly clear what things do - you still need to dig in and look things up, when it should be clear from the beginning.

Try to keep things tidier in the future; when you have large definitions things tend to be very messy and absolutely confusing (sometimes even misleading their author).

Good luck with it!






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