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Hi all,

I'm attempting to define a series of "regions" from centre points among boundary and internal unordered and generally unclean curve sets (hence my thinking to use control points to define the region edges...)

Examples from other posts suggest using the SurfaceSplit component to generate regions however, this wouldn't be suitable due to the original unclean edges.

Two other possible solutions:

Option 1: IsoVist Ray component in conjunction with ConvexHull works well, except it becomes painfully slow when multiple regions are required.

Preferred Option 2: PullPoints component gathers closest surrounding points around the centre point allowing a ConvexHull operation to generate the boundary.

The second option is currently the most promising however I'm running into a problem I don't quite understand...   


When the PullPoint component searches for the closest surrounding points...  

it appears to be missing out certain shared points, generating inaccuracies with the final region...    

Can anyone explain why certain points are being excluded from the search and whether there's a way of resolving the problem...?

Many Thanks...

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Since your regions are voronoi cells, I would use a voronoi diagram as boundary regions for point containment test. It'll work faster.






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