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Hi guys,

I have build a sine wave along parabola. I basically subdivided a curve and then elevated points using a sine formula.

But I would like to be able:

1. Change height at the ends of parabola. So sine wave slopes.

2. While sine wave slopes to one of the end amplitude should decrease respectively

Kind find a simple way to do it.

Please find attached image. "A" it's what I have and "B" it is what I want to get.


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"A" and "B"?  If you have the 't' values for each point along the re-parameterized base curve, you can use their proximity to the ends to reduce the effect of the sine curve.  Without your code, anything more than that is too much effort.

Something like this:



Check attachment. If you do not want to use graph mapper, then fix the fomula, otherwise you can have more control over your sine wave.


Can remove redandunt nurbs curve & division step..

Hey Guys!
Thank you so much. It should work I will try it first thing as soon as get back to my laptop.

Ok, so the problem I have is that my parabola is built as two symmetrical parts.

I am building a sine wave as two separate curves as well so I can start from the centre of the parabola.

Then I join two sine waves in one. Now I want to apply the graph Hyungsoo Kim suggested.

Is there a way to apply a graph to two parts of a sine wave?

Please see screen shots.


Hi Hyungsoo,

Your approach does work. But because I have two symmetrical curves how can I change one of them so the amplitude is increases from the centre?

It should be easy somehow to reverse the effect ?

Please see attached images.

Thank you


There's no solution I can give you from your screen grabs.






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