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Everything worked fine and suddenly I get an error when I launch grasshopper.

It's in french too complicated too translate, but it's something about 'DisconnectedContext' and COM interface.

The warning pops up a few times and then GH works but errors are not highlited in the code anymore.

Any idea on what could've caused this?

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Is the error numbered? Usually you can find errors in English if you know what number to search for.

David, thanks for your interest.

Exception HRESULT : 0x80010108 (RPC_E_DISCONNECTED)

I think it may have happened when I added a reference to MathNet.Numerics .

That's not the number, it's the memory address where something went wrong. However since it involves COM it's probably not a pure .NET error, which would make tracing it harder.

You mention this error pops up during GH startup? Who is showing the error? Any chance of a screenshot?

I think it's the reference to MathNet's dll, it's not loading it from the same place or something like that.

Do you have Resharper installed? If not, does your version of Visual Studio provide access to the target architecture of the project (either x86 or x64)?

I dont't have resharper, do I need it?

And yes the sulution config is Debug64.






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