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I'm using the python component for grasshopper, and have wondered to access to the data structure which grasshopper consists. 


using a=ghdoc seems to be efficient for output, but I can't get the right data structure as input.


anything will help.


I'm sure that I'm using the latest component(v0.4.1.1)


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For some months already I am no longer the maintainer of the GhPython project. I thought to lend a hand though, so, here is an update for the uploaded file to Gh 0.9 and GhPython 0.5.1. The component seems not to behave correctly now when trying to change the presentation style, so maybe a workaround for now is not to change it.


Here is a simple way I unpack a python list into Grasshopper.  String the components together like I show in the video.  I hope this helps everyone.

I posted a video explanation here 


Hello Everyone.

Here is a python script useful for unpacking multiply nested python lists .

Just connect it to the output you want to unpack. You only need to use it once and it will move every element in the list on its corresponding branch in the GH Tree .

Also it prints out the branches for each consecutive element in the list. 

Hope this is helpful 



Hey Everyone.

Here is a python script for people who want to get start into the topic: Grasshopper Python DataTree.






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