algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm putting together some GH examples for a 1-day workshop on Data Trees.

The goal is that the students leave the workshop with a clear understanding of what data trees are and how they can be used. This is beginner level.

If anyone has some useful definitions, please share! (before end of month)

I'll post my examples here when they're ready.



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Hi Santiago,

Here's something which I think illustrates the beauty of data trees quite well.

There are four planes. Each plane is divided. Each point on the plane produces a line. Each line is divide. Each point is grafted.

The results are a multi branched tree that can be visualised by the Param Viewer at each stage using the stream filter.


Cool, thanks Danny
hi guys, i added simple script to Danny's. It works like a "monkey" (point on tree structure) - it can change the planes, jump between vertical lines and climb up/down . To me, it was possible to understend tree structures much better when i was able to find particular element/s on it useing tree tools. I hope that will make it more clear.

very useful

Here's the example I used for the workshop, which was shortened to just 2 hrs.

The focus was also changed, instead of data trees it became a generic introduction to GH via a simple example, a staircase.

One file is a staircase, the other is the same staircase with some rests.


I'll still be working on examples regarding data trees, so if anyone has good examples for this, please share!




thank you very much






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