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Hello developers,

I wondered if there is a way to customize the window that appears with the help button of the components (via right click), in which the parameter information is detailed. If I'm right, derived from Grasshopper.GUI.HTML.GH_HtmlHelpPopup.

Well, is it possible to change that winform from VS? and from a script in gh? I would like to add more text, images, change the look of the winform... for the next version of Peacock.

On the other hand, I have seen GH_AssemblyInfo has a property of license, is there any way to prevent the use of the assembly if the license has expired, or things like that*? I know this can be easily done within the same component, but not sure if possible with all the GHA. I've tried from GH_AssemblyPriority but not seems to have a way for read the license in that class... There is another way and maybe designed for this? I mean, adjust the functionality depending on the license.

Thank you.

*I do not intend to launch a paid version of Peacock, but I wonder if I will launch a license with access to much information about components. Pay for knowledge, not for use.

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You can provide custom content by overriding the proper ****Help**** methods on GH_Component (I forgot the actual names and can't look it up at the moment). You cannot change the form. Although of course you can remove the Help menu item and replace it with your own. Override the proper ****Menu**** method, call the base class first, then remove the Help item from the dropdown.

Hi. I just checked, it seems like the  name of it is HtmlHelp_Source(). Do I get it right if I call the base method and then return my custom html code?

Thanks for the reply,
I still have the same questions as before, the HelpDescription property of gh_component is of type string, and I would also add pictures. So I am interested in using the HTML format, maybe from GH_Component.GenerateDefaultHTML. This is to edit the content? You remember roughly how it works/procedure? If possible, I want to avoid creating a winform to replace the current one.
And the second question about of the post?


I'm in quite similar situation.

from the help menu I would like to create an hyperlink to open the default browser and specific page in a web page.

I try with linklabel and also with process.diagnostic.Start inside of the override method HelpDescription().

then I check this thread... quite similar of what I want. if I do this:

protected override string HtmlHelp_Source()
    return "GOTO:";

protected override string HelpDescription
     return "Click on for further information";


open the webpage into the help.

How can I open an specific webpage using Process.Diagnostic.Start("page")?

kind regards







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