algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

i try to get the angle between several lines at the intersectionpoint, in  xy plane and also xz(not world). i put some screencaps , hope explained well enough.

Also posting the definiton(its not working properly)

Maybe someone knows.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tom,

thanks again!

Maybe you have a quick answer: i try to figure out how to measure the angle in the other plane(like in pic).Hope its understandable.


you want measure in xy plane? or with the z axis(2 angles) check the attachment
Ps. curve parameter icon green? how?


hey, thanks erick,

is what i was looking for!

the parameter icon is green cuase i selected it, i mostly using the "only draw geometry for selected icons"option.saludos!


hahaha I talking about the color of the icon, some default values shortcut?

ah, sorry.

created a user object. saw this a while ago found it usefull.

Hi Erick,

since i need the angle as number(not just visual) i was trying to adapt it, but it seems not to work.

the angle shown does not coincident with the measured one.

Maybe you know what to do?



just add more decimals in the T input of the angular dimmesion like {0:0.000000}°

sorry for being unclear, i meant the visual value seems to be right, but the measured one shows a completely different(not thew missing digits).

no, the visual value is rounded with one decimal by default

the f**k ! i could swear in my complete file it doesnt work:) but must be an other issue than. sorry for not double checking!

yeah now i see it works!

gracias por tu apoyo!







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