algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I have a problem (I'm still a beginner) I have a surface on which I would like to make an offset on the surface of a curve so that it extends along its edges. Thank you in advance for any idea indeed.

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hi Luciano,

see if this helps:


Thank you so much Andre, it's a valuable definition for me  to be studied. Thank you again! Especially for your timely.


contour component could help you too. but beware this and the previous method with projection do not ensure equal ''offset'' along surface. See the edge of the surface right down side of the surface.



Thanks Alex, maybe this solution seems to be what i looking for.

hi Luciano, Alex is right about the distance between curves when you use the project component. the lines in this case are not following the uv of the surface. Im sorry for not mentioning this.

When I get home I'll modify the definition to correct it

I saw :) thanks ng5 Alex. In the screenshot below i used Offset CrvonSrf, but my issue it's the curves' extremes. (i'll study your definition now, Alex thank you)

Is it possible to create oriented Isotrim (not orthogonal surface edge/border) so i'll be able to manipulate uv coordinate and obtain offset on surface between two iso constant?






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