algorithmic modeling for Rhino


 my name is marina!

and i need to do a definition of a special curtain wall with closed panels in a curve plan. 

Could someone please help me? i can send you the detail and the plan. thank you sooo much


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Rule 7. This is not a 'do my work for me' group

Many of us like to help, but it's good to see effort on our part being matched by effort on your part. Questions in the form of 'I need to do X but cannot be bothered to try and learn the software' will (and should) go unanswered.

Hi Daniel,

I would like to thankyou for your youtube content as it was your videos, the courses by Nick Senske and later videos Alan Castillo Rodriguez which got me going in GH, i can suggest to Marina to do the same, it is one of the easiest ways to an initial understanding: search "'youtube facade curtian wall"






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