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I'm trying to create a Waldram diagram. I have code that creates curves that almost match it, but not quite.

The Waldram Diagram has an X and Y axis with values which both represent degrees. I believe one of the curve's formula is some variation of y*sin(x), as every Y value at 0 x is equal to itself (sin of 0 is 1). The other seems to be a variation of y*cos(x), as every Y value at 0 is equal to 0 (cos of 0 is 0).

Oddly enough there isn't much information online that I could find explaining how to plot a Waldram diagram. I have attached a picture of what I currently output, my desired output, and my code (zip file with visual studio solution).

Thank you!

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Thanks for helping :) 

Hey Tom, do you have any good resources for those kinds of transformations? Did you find the equations in your gh file in a whitepaper somewhere? Or are you just a trigonometry buff?

You basically need to convert angles to x and y. Here is an example.







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