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Hello all,

I am trying to form a triangle with given lengths but I dont know angles. For example if side A = 10 m, B = 10.5 m, C = 1.5 m and I need to construct triangle based on these.

It would be great if sides can be curves too where their lengths are similar to above. If curve/line length of one side changes , other side length should not change it should adapt to it by reducing or increasing angles. Please help me with this. It might be simple but cannot figure it out

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You can use the trigonometric solution given here:

Or you could use the triangle trigonometry component

Or you could even construct it geometrically from circle intersections

Hello daniel,

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I have tried triangle SSS formulas it worked. I also would like to know where to find triangle trigonometry component (I think 12,7,9 panels are connected to it)? and

what is the component at the end connected to explode curve component?

It is under Math>Trig

and the last component is an aligned dimension, found under Display>Dimensions


Thank you very much but there is no triangle trigonometry component in my grasshopper under Math>Trig 

Also I did managed to solve using circle intersections. If there is a better version to do these please let me know







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