algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey Guys!

I'm quite new to grasshopper, and I'm trying to create these kind of shapes: 

Ambitious I know...

I think the notable things are that the extrusion is consistent. Could it be done with attractor points changing the rotation (vectors?) of randomised polygon shapes/voronoi? Do I need to do some phython coding? Maybe simulate something in Kangaroo? 

I have been trying to implement as many different ideas from videos as I could, but I think due to my lack of proper data set knowledge etc, alot of the components aren't working as they should. 

If this kind of pattern could be created on a flat surface... Could I adjust it to fit a curved surface?

Thankyou for your help :) 


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Here's an idea for a crude way to approximate this - shifting and rotating the pieces with a field:







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