algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm trying to get something like on a pics, this should be an orgainic wood wall structure for my arch. uni project, and  foremost I'd like to get not so thick horizontals wooden branchs this is should be enough space for insulation too.

Please help me to achieve needed result, wait for C&C suggestions...

best regards, D

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Hey Dmytro!
Actually I am working on a woven surface for my project as well. I was wondering how to make a proposal for insulation. Could you give me any idea?

Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you would like to get. Anyway, you have to try use Autodest Ecotect, for analysis your surface.

Your structure is cool, is it possible to see the definition file of it? many thanks in advance

hi Deepthi
i am working also on a woven structure, but i got stuck to cull out the right points. Could you give me a hint how to do that?
I uploaded an image of a woven structure in the background. In front of the image is the attempt to bring this structure in u/v direction on the surface.
for better explanation here an image which kind of structure as a roof i intend to do:
just to show what I wonder to get...
main idea is rodnom position of both types of lines, vertical and horizontal, I'm sure that somebody already did something like that..

I did something similar for a tower design, maybe this will help you.

Let me know if you understand the definition.
Many thanks ! that's almost just what I been trying to acheive!
I have a question, how, if it possible to separate vertical and horizontal lines and set different thickness of its??

cheers, D

PS: BTW, I see your code creates only radial ended structure w/o borders, how I remake the code to get ended structure, wall-like...?
if you look in my definition, you'll see that the curves above pass through horizontal 'rings' generated from the isocurves of the original lofted surface.... these would correspond roughly to your fence 'stakes' and you can pipe that geometry with a different thickness...
piping is ok, you did a toggle for reset it, but I still can't use it for 2D surface, not the 3D like yours... any suggestions?

Hi Evan

like your design just wondering is it possible to create something similar on a semi-sphere so it might look like a birds nest?






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