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Dear All,

I hope you are well,

I am a new grasshopper user and I'm currently using silkworm to create G-code file for 3D printing on a makerBot printer.

I was able to get the final G-code as a text out of grasshopper, but I still can't export it as a G-code file.

I tried slic3r to export G-code files out of obj. and stl. files before, so kindly if you can help me export the text file somehow to one of the previous mentioned file types (obj., stl., or G-code)

Many Thanks

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Sorry for my late reply. If I just use your file, I can see that GHPython code stay even if I push on the button. Once pushed, the block turn to red and orange again. Do you have an explanation ?




Please post your file so I can troubleshoot.


There is a big difference between .obj & .stl and a g-code file... .obj and .stl are mesh representations of the part you want to print whereas a gcode file is a set of instructions for a 3d printer (or other CNC machine), usually in text format.

I presume silkworm creates gcode. If you can export this as a .txt file then all you would have to do would be rename it from mygcode.txt to mygcode.gcode






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