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Hello Everyone,

For a construction site I need to create around 200 pages 2d shopdrawings of some parametric steel details.

So I was wondering if there is a way to create multiple rhino page layouts in grasshopper / rhinoscript with a defined distance, size and scale so I can export them to pdf in one go?

Any ideas/suggestions?

Many thanks!

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Hi Firat,

I'm continuing here, since the width of this reply box is decreasing ;-)

The performance issue could be caused by the preview. Disable the preview of Grasshopper. Also if 1 Step is done. Disable all the components from that group.
I know it's slowing down a lot, but the rhino performance is really poor on layouts. In Rhino 6 WIP it's a lot better though.

For the issue with different amount of drill holes i made an example script, how i would go for a solution to this. It's just a suggestion.

1) Do a little script that catches those holes and bake them to a separate layer.
In my example i just generated them with GH.

2) Use RhinoCount (is installed with FabTools) to name the curves in Rhino by clicking one after the other. But first diable the layers, with the other geometry, so you don't accidentally click on geometry which you don't want to count.

You have 2 counters 1 for the part the second for the holes on each object. Increment the object counter if you have counted all holes of 1 object. By clicking on each hole the counter increments all by itself. Take a look at this command!

1 Click creates 1 Dot and renames the Rhino object. You can turn on/off all specific features of RhinoCount with the checkboxes. (see settings above)

And....this should be the result after some clicks:

3) If counted, you can reference the counted geometry again to GH with the counting as Datatree. (See attached GH File).

Then estimate the maximum amount of holes on one object in your drawing.
Create a template with the amount of detail views and do the process from the layout tutorial again. For all objects with less holes you will have to delete the detail view which didn't have a target point or you do a sort of grouping for the hole centers and estimate the center of that group. You can be creative ;-)

I hope this helps. Good Work,



Hello Florian;

I couldnt understand it.
Since there are DIFFERENT quantity of drillings,
How should be the initial template? 

Can you please explain more in detail?

A generic GH hoper definition only for an arbitrary one part is fine...

Hi Firat,

here an example of what i ment by grouping the holes. I've choosen this solution:

11 holes is the maximum, so 12 / 3 (3 Top-View details we had in the template) gives 4 holes for each detail view. So in the GH Definition i have only to estimate a center for always 4 holes. So i get 3 centers and they can be targets for the 3 details.

Sounds difficult but is not...look at the definition attached:

You have to find out what is best for your situation, this is just an example since i don't know what you're really doing.

As an extra tutorial i also added how to convert the text dots to 3d text, which you obtained from the counting. Could be useful for e.g. numbering the holes.

GH and 3dm files as well as screenshots are the attached zip file.




Hi again Florian;

Your definition worked for some limited areas.

But the result i was looking for is more or less such...

I need to generate fabrication drawings.

However sometimes parts are very long to fit a standard layout

Therefore - I need to virtually shorten them.

As seen in the attachment - there is a purlin with holes on it.

However, in between the holes there is no detail - so one can simply trunk the part off through continious area. ( I hope i made myself clear on text)

can you help me with a C or VB script, which handles that isssue.

NOTE: The dimensions are at the model space. And viewport (detail) captures are applied in layout space.

Hi Florian,

I'm trying to use the Fabtools layout manager with Rhino5 but the "Add Layout from template" widget has been giving me an error:
1. Error (CS1061): 'Rhino.Display.RhinoPageView' does not contain a definition for 'PageWidth' and no extension method 'PageWidth' accepting a first argument of type 'Rhino.Display.RhinoPageView' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) (line 99)

I've just been using the example rhino file and the example GH file from the Layout_Automation files you've kindly uploaded.
Is this an issue with my Rhino that doesn't make it compatible with the Layout widgets in Fabtools?

The other widgets (bake, tag etc.) all seem to work fine.






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