algorithmic modeling for Rhino


can someone help me to position the start/end point of the inellipse,
in a collidoskope pattern always at the same position?
the picture below show you my intention.
it would be nice to get an answer.



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Do you want to find the points you drew by hand or do you really want to change the ellipses to have a different start/end-point?



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

And, how do you define "the right position"?



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


sorry david,

the left image is created with photoshop,
and shows the correct arrangement of points for the Kaleidoscope pattern.
the right image show the incorrect arrangement of my gh-definition.
so i need a dots arrangement like the image on the left side.


I understand that, but how did you decide to place the green dots where you did? 



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Hi David,

I think this is to divide the ellipse up into a number of points for the purpose of voronoi tiling.



If this is the case, and you're basing the location on being opposite the longest edge then the following method gets you 6 points distributed around the ellipse starting at that point. It uses an intersection line to split the ellipse to get a new start for each half then combines the points back into one branch.

It's been set up to receive multiple sets of 3 points but the pathmapper will probably need to be altered depending on the structure.


David will undoubted-ably show you a much more straight forward method. :) 



dear danny,

thanks a lot for your support!
this is a very helpful and targeted method, but no longer linked
parametrically with the definition made by you:
dannyradialgriddelaunnay definition.

primarily with the input parameter: segment number of the polygon.
the geometric scaffolding that the picture below shows
is made by an increment of 4 and 8 in the input parameter:
segment number of the polygon. so when i change this parameter,
i must choose the points for the ellipses again.

I do not want to seem ungrateful. i have again learned something from you.
hope it goes on.

thanks a lot.


dear david,

the points that i have drawn
show only a variation of many.
important is that they are symmetrical point reflection.







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