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Create divisions of a closed curve such that 30% of the Total Area is randomly placed within the bounds of a set of closed curves

So i have a building facade that i am trying to compute a 30% area of wall in separate housing units (several units per floor) to study the placement of where windows could be placed to maximize the allowable glazing area. I would like this script to randomize the placement of these windows (within the constraints of their respective wall areas), rather than their base points all being aligned vertically as they are now in the script? Would it also be possible to divide that 30% area into separate "strips" rather than having them in one uniform rectangle? 

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You didn't internalised your referenced curve from rhino. You know what that means?
You have your rhino file ,but others can not see anything.

Anyway, have a look at the attachment.


So sorry, i missed uploading my file! Is it possible to reference the curves which are creating the "bounds" of the unit facades, as they are in this file?


Thank you Hyungsoo Kim,

So i used my geometry and curves, here is your script with my .3dm File. 1. This error occurs, "The negative extension length is longer than the curve". I'm not sure how to track it down... Is it because it is evaluating closed curves of different lengths and returning a number that is longer than the total length of the shortest of closed curves? Thanks so much!



You are a champion, thanks a million!






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