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I would like to copy very n-th item from a list into a new list. Similar to cull / cull pattern but more like copypattern.


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If you ask, you will probably receive in the next release of GH. However in the meantime, you need to generate a boolean pattern that will cull all the other elements you don't want. See Below:

Hi Peter,

I suppose the easiest way is to generate a list of number with the Series component, then use List Item to extract all the items.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
thank you both!
I just thought the item component can only extact ONE item from a list at a time, not multiple. so that works now,

best regards
Well, the very logic of grasshopper means you can always supply multiple inputs and it will give you multiple outputs. This has nothing to do with the ListItem component as such, all components work in the same way. Only a very few components that operate directly on Lists and Trees override this default behaviour.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia

thanks for this. can you discribe how you create the cull pattern with components / post the definition?
yes, and I have used that plenty, but for some reason I did not think about it in this way in this instance...






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