algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I have a model made of a poly mesh that I would like to convert to quads.

Converting to quads is needed, because I'm also using T-Splines (TS) and TS requires a quad mesh.

I thought the Quad(quadrangulate) function was going to do the trick, but I'm missing something.

I'm not a "poly" or "quad's" expert by any stretch, and I realize there's allot to converting.  Saying that, is it possible in Grasshopper to accomplish this function? 

I've attached a screen shot of my model to make sure I'm describing my model correctly. GrasshopperQuestion.JPG

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Actually I think about :

I saw a plugin for making a coarse approx some time ago.

initial mesh -> coarse approx -> catmull-clark -> shrinkwrap -> identifying initial faces with Giulio's script -> grande finale : nurbs from mesh 

Of course it would be distorted (?) or somebody will make nice def/script that orders points in grid to loft these surfaces (or make surface from points). I took a workaround and made surface from edges....


Wow, that's it !!!

I don't know how you did that. 

The QuadCover paper is a good read, but your on to something much more simple. It's looks like you have done your homework. 

Can't wait to see what you've got. 

hello daniel, do you posted your kangaroo shrinkwrap yet? i couldnt find it...

would be great!

thank you, bea

Daniel, is there any chance you could elaborate a little bit on each of these steps? For example, what tools did you use for the coarse approx, and how did you anchor the mesh for shrink wrapping?

I know its been a long time since this post, but if you can remember, I would appreciate the info. 

Dear Daniel,

I was just wondering if you have posted this definition somewhere already?

It will be of great help to me.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Daniel,

Is it possible for you to share this definition?

You will help out many people here.

Many thanks in advance!

I've just run into this tool:

it might be of interest to you


i'm new in grasshopper  i want to know the different between poly mesh and quads  

anyone can tell me ?  thank you very much!

A mesh is a faceted surface. The sphere on the left is a quad mesh, the sphere on the right is a tri mesh. 

Hope that helps!






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