algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I would like to place points along a curve and control where they start and the distance between them.

I've seen how this is done with points in space but unsure how to map it along a curve.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Like this? o_0?


amazing, thanks!

From this position I would now like to add a vertical parallel plane at each point that respects the vector direction, ie plane follows line. If you can imagine the curve Angel has drawn is a plan of a viaduct and each point will become an arch that I will boolean out. What is the simplest way to get the plane vertical? I've managed to align them but not sure which button I need to flip the plane upright. I will draw the arch profile in rhino and orient it to the planes at each point. Any suggestions?  

Thanks a lot!    

Thanks a lot for your help! whereabouts did you find that final rotate? my rotate has G-A-P as input and not G-C-F-T. I think I have a different version?? as DePlane is now pComp too.

cool, upgraded and found it. Thanks a lot for your help.






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