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I am pretty much brand new to Grasshopper, and was following this tutorial to make a voronoi sphere: I was pretty sure that my Grasshopper file was exactly the same as that created in the video, and my model looked the same as theirs from what I could tell. However, at 7:58 when they added the Construct Mesh component, their mesh neatly aligned to the points (it's hard to describe, so I apologize if I am doing a bad job), but for mine, the mesh had long triangular holes. I attached a screenshot below that can probably give a better idea than I can. I've checked the video one hundred times and I can't figure out what the problem is. Probably some stupid beginner problem. If anyone has any suggestions to remedy this, it would be greatly appreciated! I went to the end of the tutorial, so there are a few extra components after the Construct Mesh, but they will not work properly until I fix this.

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You should feed the right order of quad mesh vertices. See purple group. Best.


Ah! Thank you so much! Why does the other way not work? I don't have a good understanding of Grasshopper yet. I really appreciate it!






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