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Hi Group,

Just want to share three component developed recently. One for read Excel file, one for read Excel file interactively and one for write data to Excel. Slightly improvement from previous post( and a new write component.

The excel components in gHowl works very well but I think for me I just like to have more control(for example: not overwrite the whole excel file when I use the write component).

The component has more functions(for example: it can record all the values in Excel when you change your slider, maybe it can even record all the results from Galapagos, haven't try this) but it also use more resources.

Please try these components and give your valuable advices. 

I have compiled for both Rhino 4 and 5, you can try the components accordingly. 

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I'm having an issue where this seems to only work on computers at my office that have Excel 2007 but I tried it on a computer with Excel 2016 and GhExcel seems unable to read xlsx files etc. Is there a way to make this work with Excel 2016?

All computers have Rhino 6 and I installed the same version of GhExcel from Food4Rhino posted March 16, 2013 (older than Excel 2016) on all these computers including the one with Excel 2016. I've tried both static and dynamic reads both do not work.

Attached my Grasshopper file and xlsx file I'm working with if that helps any.







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