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Hi all! I am a GH newbie (although a professional programmer) and I needed a full searchable and browsable list of GH components (documentation), which I could not find anywhere. So, to help myself and everybody, I built this GH component reference site by extracting the list of GH components a while ago.

The advantage of such a list is you can find a component when you know what you want, and don't know the terminology that GH uses. For example to delete/remove items from a list, in GH the term is "cull". Patterns are known as "arrays". While these may be common to GH experts, it takes a while to figure out, and a full component list helps you learn these quickly.

I wanted feedback about this site, and to start discussion about docs in general. AFAIK, docs are largely missing in GH, save the "search" function available within the GH editor. What do you all think? Would you find such a website useful? Would you like it if such docs were integrated into the GH website itself? 


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I've downloaded your DIVA plugins, I'll add them shortly.

Thanks! And I'm just a user of DIVA. :)

I found Interesting bugs from your site.

1. I cannot find Scribble, Jump, Galapagos components on your website. I guess that there'll be more missing components.

2. On component palettes, there're some sub-category panels which have same names from different category tabs. And all the components from "same named sub-category panels" are grouped on your site.

3. Some add-ons install thier component on original grasshopper sub-category panel. Thus, on your site, we cannot know the add-on where the component belongs. e.g. Octopus

Added the following plugins:
- DIVA, 3.0.0
- Nudibranch, 0.028

Thanks for this great resources.

Here I have a small request. Can't find uto's "MeshEdit" plug-in.

Personally, I use them a lot for doing mesh work.

Plugins added:

- Doodlebug

Plugins updated:

- Kangaroo2

- Ivy


- Ladybug & Honeybee






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