algorithmic modeling for Rhino

It's great to see a clear notification of an error. However, the usability of this warning has problems. It's impossible to click OK and fix the problem without checking "Don't show again" because the window pops back up instantly. I don't want to check "Don't show again" because I value messages like these.

After experiencing this, it would seem appropriate to add a button that Disables Solver and closes the warning.

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This is for debugging your own components?

Incidentally the 'Don't show again' only counts for this instance of Rhino, when you restart all the warnings are back again.


David Rutten

Not for my own components. This popped up when I fed a 32 bit binary into an integer component. Oops.

Glad to know "Don't show" only lasts for this Rhino instance. Thanks. I can work with that.






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