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Hi Everyone,

I have a bunch of panels that needs to be tagged with a color code in order to give them a custom color for fabrication. The idea is to create a color variation like a code bar. As you can see in the image bellow, the goal is to paint the panels as if they where organised as ribbons instead of  panels. 

I've try to organise the panels data (by using centroids and extracting the x,y,z coord.) according to the y value. but since the whole structure is tilted all the panels have a different y value. So as soon as I jitter the order they all adopt a different color.

Hope this is clear

Attached you'll find the GH file with internalized data

Any ideas

Thank you


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I used a line to sort your surfaces corresponding to Y direction.


Thank you Hyungsoo Kim. I'll take a look of your definition as soon as I get to the office

This community rocks


Hello Hyungsoo Kim,

Your solution works perfectly. Thank you very much. One more request. Is it possible to tag the panels with the RGB code.. I've try it but get strange results, for instance one ribbon should have the same RBG values but it does not.

Any Ideas

Thank you


I'm not sure this is it.


This Looks fine to me.

Thank you. I'll give it a try






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