algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all.

I tried to use Kangaroo to make a phisics interaction between 3 meshes. These ones interact correctly with the box, I can not do meshes interact with each other (as you can see in the image).

I tried some workaround, but they doesn't work, Some ideas?



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Do you have some tutorials for colision problem?

I've problems toacelerate particules...



you can find tutorials on the kangaroo user group pages.

You must have a brep that works as collision object, or you can set an uniform space (a sphere around a point) that works as collision space.

I didn't receive any feedback about this post using multiple brep, so I think is it impossible to do with kangaroo...

Thanks Paolo,

 I caught a few examples in user groups pages, put themto work and try to modify it to my goals, but it is hard work!



I made a circule using a esphere...and one force!

It was my start..



Hi Paolo,


At the moment collision is only for particles with static Breps.

I have implemented what I think should work for dynamic mesh/mesh collision, but it relies on a feature in the Rhino SDK that currently seems to have a bug which is stopping it from working.


There's not much more I can do right now, but I'm hoping this will be fixed by the next GH release.

Thanx Daniel for you replay

I'll trying to put on mass, velocity, acceleration and a path to the particles. I'll simulate people escaping through a door or stairway in a subway station. I'll put the particles in a box, and measure how many escape through a door, escalators and etc.


I'm trying but Kangaroo turns red with people ... I think he's shy!


I tried to put on mass and velocity in two different particles, then went to add new strength to the collision and interction with them.
Some drawings made the trail look interesting!
The biggest problem I found was to put new entities that repel the particle, then tried to put box within box and it´s worked!
Now I would like to make a hole for them to escape ...
Any idea?


No problem Daniel, it was only a test, I imagined something like that

but I have a curiosity, I would like to test the intersection beetwen a edges and face of the meshes to detect collision. Have you ever tried something like this?

I haven't tried full collision detection (edge-edge, edge-face etc.), and don't plan on doing so soon, for reasons i mentioned here (

I think just responding to vertices penetrating the volumes of other meshes/Breps should be enough for quite a lot of uses though.






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