algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello everybody;

After reading this post

And getting a copy of Indra's pearls

I was going to try and code some transformations in VB using complex numbers.

I'm not the best coder  but I am sort of comfortable.

I was wondering where can one find the complex numbers, I'm assuming that since there are components in GH that use them they could be called within the VB.

But I cant seem to find them.

Although from my limited understanding maybe the class has been made for the components but is not accessible.

Thanks in advance for any tips

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Hi Nicolas!

Take a look at Grasshopper.Kernel.Types.Complex

Thanks Thomas I was trying to use the Grasshopper Kernel but I can't seem t be able to dim a complex number through the types.complex

I will keep trying

Dam that was a lot easier than I thought, went too deep into the kernel part


Dim d as New Complex(1,2)

Rookie mistake, thanks for the pointer Thomas






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