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Hi there,

i've been working on the new release of my plugins FabTools and DTM, which are a collection of UserObjects(clusters).

A lot of people asked me about some features of FabTools, especially the AutoList function and if i would give them my code. I do not want to publish my code ;-) So i've decided to publish some tools for free, that i've developed during the creation of those UserObjects:

The components above are all clusters with c# components, this means you can add them to your cluster and hand out the files to any client without making them to install any plugin prior to get your scripts to run on that machine.

Altough you have to download the ClusterTools.gha file, which is just the installer and updater.

I know the components above might be unclear for some people, i'm seeing forward to your questions.

Download ClusterTools



P.S: The image above has been generated automatically with the component "Capture Panels Overview"

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I have seen some wonderfully useful components there! Thanks for sharing this Frank.

hi there

can u explain how to use the tools ... i would like to know how to use the autolist pls


Hi AJ,

i now created some basic examples here. Take a look and maybe ask for more specific things again and i can do some other tutorials too.




I have a quick questions for you.

Do you know if there is a way to update clusters that are inside of clusters that have been changed ?

At the moment all I can do (as far as I know) is to check manually if my clusters have changed and need top be updated.

Thanks for your help.


thnx. now i get it better.

Q: the password isnt working?






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