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Hi, I have a simple cluster for extracting one control point of a rectangle. I would like to have only the rectangle in the preview but the point is also previewed even though its preview is turned off in the cluster. How can I solve this - preferably without adding anything external to the cluster?


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After you clustered the definition you can right click on it and set the preview off but the preview contents on. 

Thanks for the replies. Mohammad, I've tried all possible combinations of preview with the various components and I either get the rectangle with the point, just the point, or nothing at all.

Danny, I saw this and upgraded to the latest build and tried F5 but no change.

It seems it's the cluster output that "exposes" the component and creates the preview. I say this because I tried adding an output to the rectangle and it now behaves the same as the point (see attached def). So it seems if I output the point from the cluster, it will always appear in the preview unless I turn everything off.

I would like to control which items are previewed but it doesn't seem possible if they are clustered..  :-(


forgot the jpg

What I am seeing is a [Rectangle] and a [Cluster Output] as being visible.






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