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Hello everyone ! Happy new year !

I have a cluster with 3 outputs:

1. with curves.

2.with groups of texts.

3. with planes.

When i close my cluster "space" i would like to just see the curves but not the txts and the planes ? How can i do that ?

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Sorry, it's not possible to selectively hide output parameters.

Thanks for the fast reply. I'll stop searching for that hehe. By the way Galapagos is completly awesome but it will be even more awesome if we can acces David Stasiuk's genes pool manager from the gene pool directly... i don't know how complicated it is to write that kind of code but it will be very helpful.

if you turn on the preview inside the cluster and right click and choose "preview content," doesn't that work?

No i've tried everything is not working. Hope it will be changed in the next versions.

According to Andrew's reply, it has to work. Keep in mind that, if you have some input of your cluster with "null" element, they will skip inside the cluster, making some mistakes. There is a proper script for that.

Can u post your def?

Why don't you just disable preview of the cluster and then just connect a parameter to the inputs you need to see? Simple. For instance if you want cubes connect a curve parameter to the curve output
Sorry outputs you need to see






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