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It seems that whenever I close a Grasshopper file by clicking the X (screenshot 1), it always gives the "Last Chance Recovery" pop up window (screenshot 2) the next time I open that file. 

EDIT 22.07.2013: Looks like this problem is not exclusive to "clicking the X" as mentioned above, but occurs when closing file in other ways as well.

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Same here - how do we avoid this?

Hello Mike, this issue has not been fixed. So you will either have to ignore the bug or revert back to an older version of Grasshopper.

It's no problem, I just wanted to make sure my file was actually getting saved when I use Ctrl+s  . . . . It is.  Sometimes if avoids the message, but always does save.



Same. I use ctrl+s before I close the grasshopper window to avoid this.

Yes it is really annoying that message.

try installing the latest version. It seems to fix it.






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