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Hi. Does anyone know how to find out the closest point on the closest object?

I have many meshes (12 vertices each) randomly populated in space. Now I want certain vertices of the mesh to find the closest vertex on the closest mesh to it.

Proximity won`t work, because sometimes the distance between objects is smaller than the distance between vertices in one object. And sometimes not...

The reason for that question is, that later I want to let the vertex snap to the nearest vertex on the nearest object and so connect all the objects in some way.

Would be nice if anybody could help me.


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Would be nice if you posted your code, with the meshes and specified vertices internalized.

Here is the gh-file. I hope you can help me. Would be really great.

Thank you for your fast Reply.


I hope this is what you're looking for.


That is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your fast Reply once more. Great. It really helps

You need to structure the data in such a way that you can compare one vertex of each mesh "m" belonging to the set of meshes "M" with all "M" except "m". One way to do this is by referring the problem to indexes, and using [Serie]+[Set Difference]+[List Item] this way to do the trick.


Yours is working too. Thank you. I never thought that this would work so fast to get replies. Great.






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