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Hello all,

I am trying to divide multiple curves with a given distance. The curves are not ideal in length so sometimes the end point is not created. So I created it using end points and the culling the duplicates.

Now I wanted to generate perpendicular lines from each point to its own curve.

For this I though about CP component for reorganizing my data structure and matching the curves structure. But it failed...

This is the result:

This is the expected:

Its strange, shouldn't CP just compute all curves and choose the closest one despite any data structure? I really don't understand why its behaving like this.

Thank you in advance for any help


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as a start, you only need the end point (use weave component rather than merge)

no need to the start point or to remove duplicate

I didn't understand the rest 

Mmm, curiously enough all curves seem to be in the same direction, so you are right.

Still, the next step involves making perpendicular lines to these points. So for the PerpFrame component I need the t parameter, and the ClosestPoint generates these t params I need....

Hi ShynnSup you must maintain the tree, dont flatten to preserve the data, try to check the input curve direction, to fix the perpendicular side that you need.

Actually, you don't have to use "Curve CP". Check this as well.


Thats it! Thank you both very much!

PD: Hyungsoo, I will use the cross product to get perp directions more often from now on! Thanks.






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