algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm not sure how to do this. I have a simple irregular shape and I need to fill it with a specific number of squares as much as possible. The squares cant come out of the shape. Something like this:I need the squares oriented the same way but the corners don't need to touch (doesn't need to be a grid)

Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi Joseph,

This serves? Not a packaging but it's what you've done in the image.



Oh my God, Thankyou So much! It works perfectly. Saved me so much time.

This is probably really complicated, but is there a way where I can set a number for how many squares I want in a given shape. The grid should enlarge to fit that shape with that specific number of squares.  


Well, it's done ... Using Galapagos to minimize the distance between the number of resulting squares and the number that you want.


Awesome. Thanks!!!

I've made a slider to change the size of each square in the grid. I just don't know how to set up something to read the amount of squares there are.

Never mind I got it to work. Thankyou so much Daniel!

Post your modified code!  :)

I just use the #slider to change the size and look at the note panel to see how many cells i get.


Never miss a learning/teaching moment.  :)







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