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Circle packing around fixed objects and rationalise radii

Hi there!

Im really struggling to build a definition to achieve what I am trying to do. Attached is a quick rhino mockup.

1.) I want to pack circles around some defined curves (shown in red)

2.) I want to rationalize the amount of different radii which make up the packing (e.g. only 10 different radius)

I have searched through the forum and tried to use this as a base:

But I have not made much progress

Thanks for any pointers!

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Should it look like this ?

Hey! I am looking to do exactly that, can you share the definition?

Hi I am guessing you did this with help of kangaroo....what all forces did you use? curve pull and uranary rite ? But I am curious to know what how you generated these circles and controlled thier radii. Please share your knowledge with us !

Kangaroo 2 needed. Alt+leftclick and drag in rhino can help making a better packing.

Circles tend to aggregate using MagnetSnap, and they will avoid intersections with Collider.

The defined obstacles are decomposed in little lines to be used with Collider. Watch the number of lines created, too few = inaccurate, too many= slow or crash.

The anchors make sure the obstacles keep in place, and the circles stay in XY plane.

The starting position of circles is important, they have to be outside the obstacles, I just created them around a circle larger than the bounding box of obstacles.


thats great!! thank you

Hi Systemiq - could another element be added which would pack all of the circles inside a closed curve (say a kidney bean shape) and move around obstructions as you've shown here? Like plants around rocks inside Japanese garden beds? 

This is still excellent!



Hi Systemiq - I found this script - the only piece I would like to add is to set the percentages of the different sized circles - 30% 4' diameter, 60% 2' diameter, 10% 1' diameter, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,








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