algorithmic modeling for Rhino


i am a beginner in grasshopper and i want to learn to use the circle packing.

what i want to do is fill a circle with smaller circles but i want to control the radius of the smaller circles. i want if possible to have more than one size e.g 3 kinds of circles.

can someone tell me how to do it?


thank you

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i already tried this.

i set a circle in rhino for the "outline" but still nothing happens. Do i have to add something in grasshopper instead?

Mmmh indeed, there were some changes in libraries.

Try this instead, same code + some custom options 'precircles' gives you the option to manually set some circles before the packing begins

'interdist' and 'distfront' control the minimum distance between circles and the outline curve.


thank you, it works!

i will play with it and if i need anything else i will tell you!

next step is to revolve all the circles and create a big donut with smaller donuts inside.

i tried to do it with revolution tool but it creates circles in a 2D plane. i want it o be a 3D shape. that's what it produces...

Set the Line tangent (D) to vector y.



a modification of the previous experiment...

i want the circles to be placed in a "radius logic" around a central fixed circle into the outside circle in order to leave the minimum empty space. what i want to control is the size of 3 circles, the central, the outside and a third one which could be on top. i don't mind if the filling circles are not all equal but i want to know their surface after they are revolved (probably with the brep tool...), just like the attached image


I'm new to grasshopper, I'm using the above attached script but i want to reduce the gaps between the circles within the outline shape, the interndist and distfront are both set to 0. How do i tweak the script if needed to get these results?


Is it possible to do the same but with squares?


Is there any way to modify this script to have the 'precircles' not defined as circles but utilize a closed curve within the shape?


Using Anemone, any curve(s) inside any region defined by curve(s), preset list of scales, random rotations.







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