algorithmic modeling for Rhino


i am a beginner in grasshopper and i want to learn to use the circle packing.

what i want to do is fill a circle with smaller circles but i want to control the radius of the smaller circles. i want if possible to have more than one size e.g 3 kinds of circles.

can someone tell me how to do it?


thank you

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Thanks for the script it seems to compute what I am looking for. Out of curiosity, is there any way to edit your original VB script to modify the inner 'circle' boundaries to defined curve(s) while maintaining the circle packing technique of 3 different radius.

I'm not familiar with VB scripting but is it a matter of changing the type hint of precircles to a closed curve and modifying the script slightly?

This should work.

As a reminder, the original script was a modification of D.Rutten's one.


That is perfect, thank you very much for your time and thank you to D.Rutten for the original script.

VB scripting seems such a powerful tool its something I must learn soon.

Hi, I was inspecting the definition and trying to simplify it however I couldn't understand the need for Stream Filter component, could you kindly explain what's its role here?

Hi there,

I'm trying to create an extrude curved surface that contains multiple truncated cones. Which is the best way to create this? Using this circle packing method? If so.. how? Also I want to create these truncated cones with different radius in the outside of the curved surface (which will be facing the sun) Many thanks

Create a new post with as many detailed mock ups of what you want as screenshots or photos of sketches as you can offer along with links to related threads like this one.

This packing may not work on undulated surfaces but you can use the equivalents of Rhino flow along surface called box mapping and surface mapping to create things on a flat surface then morph or populate the curvy surface from that source.

Hi Nik, thanks for replying. I've created a new post with a simple sketch.

I hope I can solve this issue. 

Kind regards

Hi again Nik, what I meant was creating those truncated cones but as a hole inside the extrude curved surface not on top of it.

I've attached a simple sketch



works like a charm. i would like to learn the logic behind this. as i dont read code yet, can you please explain (even if we are 6 years after) i wish to create something simmiler with gh (no code) thnx

Hi Andreas,

I'm a very new user at GH. Is there a way to apply that pattern you developed to a surface?


Is it possible to do the same but with squares?






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